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Paint Correction Services

Paint Correction or paint refinement are the terms often used in detailing to describe the removal of paint defects and/or imperfections that greatly affect the gloss and appearance of a paint finish. Removing such imperfections reveals a stunning, deep wet gloss with a mirror-like finish. Depending on the vehicle's year, make or color, the paint or clear-coat finish can greatly vary in hardness and requires a skilled approach to correct.   
Using the latest in polishing techniques and products, we can remove these unsightly imperfections to reveal a gorgeous, glossy finish. The level of paint correction can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs, goals or vehicle's condition ability to be corrected. From new vehicles to multi-million dollar vintage automobiles, Forza has the experience and knowledge to safely machine polish your vehicle for amazing results. 

Paint Correction Pricing:

One-Step Correction

Starting at $300

Ideal for new vehicles and lightly damaged finishes. Removes lights swirls and scratches, oxidation while giving additional gloss. 

Hybrid Correction

Starting at $600

The most common correction chosen by clients. A Hybrid correction focuses on removing heavy swirls, scratches and imperfections from top, most visible areas, while tapering onto lower areas in intensity.  

Full Correction

Starting at $1000

For the connoisseur that appreciates a bespoke Best in Show, flawless finish. Achieving a respective 90% to 95% correction, its the ultimate deep gloss, mirror reflections with the highest level of correction required for Concours entry and vehicle presentation.  

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