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Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic Coatings have revolutionized detailing. Unlike a traditional wax or sealant, glass coatings are applied as a liquid and cure to a hard glass-like shell. Giving gloss and protection unlike most waxes or sealants with a durability that lasts for years, not weeks or a few months. I have been using coatings since they were first introduced into the United States and have worked with several of the largest coating companies in the industry.


Unlike most detailers and coating installers, I don't only use the product, but I also co-founded the company. As a founder of Aquatek Coatings, we set out to create quality products exclusively for experienced professional installers. Designed in America and engineered in Japan. I exclusively install coatings of our own design and creation. Not only having the experience of how to properly install the coating but having the confidence in knowing the quality of the product from design to production. Experience that coveted wet-look gloss with protection that is real-world tested and proven. 

Aquatek Coatings offer the following features:
  •  Wet-looking gloss
  •  Easy-to-clean 
  •  UV/UVA Protection
  •  Chemical Resistance
  •  Hydrophobic Effect
  •  Light scratch resistance
  •  Durability up to 6 years*
25_19-49-07-042 (1).jpg
Bugatti Chiron Sport coated in Aquatek Singular

Ceramic Coating Pricing:


Paint Surface

Up to 2 coats applied to all paint surfaces to protect from 2 to 4 years and provide incredible gloss with easy-to-clean features. Machine polishing not included. 

Starting at:


Aquatek full_square_transparent_base.png
20220609_142031 (1).jpg


Protect your wheels and make them easier to clean from brake dust and grime. Up to 2 years protection. 

Starting at:


Aquatek full_square_transparent_base.png
IMG_4204 (2).JPG


Complete includes glass coating installed on paint surfaces, wheel faces, exhaust and exterior glass. a one-step machine polishing is included. Price varies depending on level of paint correction, size and condition.

Starting at:


Aquatek full_square_transparent_base.png

* Some level of paint polishing is recommended prior to any coating installation and is not included in pricing unless noted. Pricing will vary depending on vehicle size, type, condition and paint correction desire. Durability of up to 4 years when properly washed and maintained. 

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